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Lay Summaries

EU CTR will be effective in 2018. Are you prepared to post patient lay summaries?

MMS realizes that education is a key to increasing patients’ interest and trust in the clinical research process. Lay summaries give patients the opportunity to see the full scope of their participation in a trial, and how it has helped in the development of promising new treatments. With the European Clinical Trial Regulation driving its implementation, our services in this area help you meet regulatory requirements. MMS provides an exceptional service to patients by:

  • Outlining the key results of the trial using infographics and interpretive language to present content at a 6-8th grade reading level, all in a non-promotional tone
  • Using expert writers and patient educators who are experienced with clinical trial data and have a passion for serving patients and the research community
  • Enlisting the support of a lay review panel to achieve the best results for the patients

Here are some examples of final lay summaries prepared by our team:

Regulatory Submission Support Based on Strong Science and Strength of Process. The difference is in the data!