MMS Presents at the PhUSE Annual Conference in Barcelona: A Standardized Approach to De-Identification in Clinical Data Sharing

MMS Senior Programming Manager Chris Hurley will be attending the PhUSE Annual Conference in Barcelona this week to present a standardized approach to de-identification in the field of clinical data anonymization and transparency.  The presentation is based on the PhUSE paper “A Standardized Approach to De-Identification“ authored by Benoit Vernay of Novartis and Ravi Yandamuri of MMS.  Chris will be presenting to the PhUSE audience on October 11th at 4:30pm in the Tarragona Room as part of the Data Handling stream.

“Novartis and MMS have worked closely together to create a standardized approach to de-identifying data that will work across various divisions within Novartis and can be applied to a very large volume of data,” said Chris as he prepared to board his flight for Barcelona.  “The stakes are so high and protecting patient data is so critical, this team has done a great job creating standards to make the process more efficient as well as making sure the process fully protects patients’ identities.”

As part of the talk, Chris will be featuring a de-identification process flow as well as examples of standard de-identification metadata.  Ravi Yandamuri, the MMS lead for the Novartis Data Anonymization initiative and lead co-author on the paper, said, “We hope this paper and presentation will be helpful and serve as a guide for other companies who may be interested in adopting a similar program.  Creating the standards and process for Novartis was challenging, but our hope is that the sharing of anonymized data in a careful and responsible way will lead to scientific advancement and ultimately benefit the patients.”

If you are interested in learning more about the de-identification of clinical data please stop by the presentation in Barcelona, or contact Chris Hurley ( with any further questions.

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