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Data Management Strategies

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Data Management Strategies

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems should be more than just a means to an end. Quality EDC systems can enable the entire clinical trials information management process. However, if the system enables, it is the data managers who drive. They are burdened with designing processes to make the transition from paper to EDC efficient while maintaining the integrity of the data. And while such efficiency sounds simple in theory, it requires extensive preparation prior to the start of an electronic clinical study. Preparation is the most integral and significant function of a data manager, and electronic studies actually require more upfront preparation than paper studies. Because preparation is so vital to the success of an electronic study, we have outlined several basic, but vital best practices for the start-up phase of a clinical study.

When such best practices are administered, the result is:

  • a more efficient study
  • far fewer errors and complications during the critical latter phases

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