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Working At MMS

Here are the top five reasons why working at MMS is great!

1. The Atmosphere

We are a mid-size company that operates like a close-knit family. Although we have colleagues located all over the world, when we reach out to each other it seems like we are talking to friends who have known each other for years. On every colleague’s first day, we send a welcome note to the entire company letting everyone know we have a new colleague. The note includes some background information that usually sparks a connection with their new peers. We also keep a colleague slide deck with our pictures, our education, work experience, and some hobbies. Many of us attended the same colleges, worked for the same companies, and have similar interests. It’s the small things that help us forge relationships regardless of where we are located.

2. The Opportunity

At MMS, we have a variety of experience levels. We hire colleagues who have over 20 years of experience and some that have none. At the time of hiring, colleagues are assigned a mentor to help them learn and grow. This allows experienced colleagues to share their insight and knowledge and teach techniques to our less experienced teammates.
It’s great to look around and see colleagues who started here as Interns and Research Associates get promoted multiple times, turn into senior level colleagues, managers, or senior managers. MMS also has all colleagues fill out a goals form every year. These goals are discussed in one-on-one meetings and designed to help colleagues to move up the career ladder. We also provide colleagues with opportunities to attend professional trainings and seminars. Whether you are just starting out in your career, or many years in, MMS has opportunities for personal development and growth.

3. The Team Feeling

One of the things we are very proud of at MMS is our team feeling. We are all part of one big team, and many small ones. We have teams for departments, client projects, and special interests. Having many departments and having colleagues located all over the world, it would be hard to give everyone the opportunity to interact on a normal basis without creating teams. At the beginning of the year, our Senior Leadership team holds a Year Beginning Meeting. As a team, we review the previous year and discuss goals for the new year. Each team plays an active role in the design process. We have also created an exchange program where our colleagues from our India offices or Europe offices travel back and forth to allow us to meet each other. The exchange program keeps that “one big team” feeling alive by exposing colleagues to new cultures and different office settings.

4. The Company Events

We host a wide variety of company events throughout the year. The last Friday of every month we have a “Game Day” where all of the onsite colleagues get together to eat lunch and play games. In the spring, we have a bowling event where the company provides pizza, pop, and two games of bowling for an afternoon. In the summer, we have a company BBQ picnic where the company provides BBQ style food and we all get together under a pavilion and play games or hang out outside for an afternoon. In the fall, we host an annual Scientific Symposium that allows our talented team members and outside speakers to come to MMS for a full day of education sessions, trainings, and lunch. We also have a fall pot-luck and costume party to celebrate Halloween. In the winter, we host a holiday party where our Audio/Video committee shows a video recapping all of the company events that happened throughout the year.

5. The Trainings

At MMS, we are big on training and development. With the recent implementation of our Learning Management System, we spend less time worrying about keeping training records straight and more time focusing on personal development. We have two training coordinators dedicated to ensuring our trainings are up-to-date and relevant for the work that we do. Training is done not only at the time of hire, but throughout the year. Some training is done individually by reading Standard Operating Procedures and Work Practices and other training is done in a classroom setting so colleagues can get together and learn in a group. This also is an opportunity for colleagues who have a lot of experience or knowledge in certain areas to show what they know to the rest of the company.

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