About Us

The MMS Way: More than two decades helping clients navigate the difficult path of regulatory compliance.

In 2006, MMS was created by Dr. Uma Sharma, with a vision to turn a one-person consultancy into a global, data-focused CRO that caters to the unique and often changing needs of sponsors.

Years later, with an impeccable 97 percent customer satisfaction rating, MMS stays true to its dependable and customer-driven nature. A science-first approach and strong processes have smoothed the waters for MMS clients resulting in positive organic growth year over year, with more than 800 colleagues worldwide.

MMS is a place where years of proven success have guided sponsors through their data services and regulatory submissions goals. When MMS takes on a project, colleagues become ingrained in that sponsor – taking on a greater level of care and guiding them towards a positive outcome.

Sponsors that demand high quality come to MMS for strong industry expertise, a scientific approach to drug development, and top talent. Sponsors stay with MMS for its flexibility, agility, and a “do what it takes” attitude that is unrivaled in the industry.

With a global footprint across four continents, MMS was proud to be named Best Global Biotech CRO in the 2018 International Life Sciences Awards and Most Outstanding Global CRO in the 2019 Biotechnology Awards.

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Our Mission

To deliver high-quality service and technology solutions – rooted in strong science and decades of regulatory experience – that will assist our clients in developing and marketing life-changing therapies to positively improve lives worldwide.


MMS Holdings Team - About us

MMS Corporate Values

Wow The Customer

MMS believes in delivering value beyond the competition. Each sponsor and researcher that MMS partners with is important and their goals relevant. MMS will strive to exceed their expectations by maintaining a customer focus throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring the customer experience is positive, building trust and forging long-term relationships.

Strive for Good Science and Strong Processes

MMS is committed to making sound decisions based on strong scientific principles, internal expertise, and applicable regulation. As an organization, MMS emphasizes and values strong internal processes through defining, following, and improving upon the steps that lead to high-quality deliverables.

Bring a Sense of Urgency and Leadership (SOUL)

MMS promotes the importance of SOUL through a healthy work environment and as a requirement for providing added value to clients. The SOUL of MMS comes to life as project work is completed on time and as risks and solutions are identified proactively. At MMS, each colleague takes responsibility for the success of every project.

Value Talent – Find, Attract, Enhance and Retain

MMS recognizes that a talented staff is what drives our business forward. Identifying and attracting top talent and continual training to strengthen core skills are essential to core mission. At MMS, enthusiasm, collaboration, and teamwork is fostered, knowing that a global and diverse talent pool makes the company stronger.