MMS Holdings Launches New Time-Saving Application to Automatically Perform Quality Control and Style Checks for Medical Writers


Innovative cloud-based application to aid in quick and efficient document authoring  

Automatiqc™, an AI tool designed to improve quality and bring efficiencies to the medical and regulatory writing process


automation solutions for regulatory and medical writingAutomatiqc™ is a cloud-based solution that utilizes robotic process automation (RPA), a form of artificial intelligence (AI), to apply the necessary document formatting and style conventions. This frees up writers to focus on the key messaging, stakeholder alignment, and other key elements that are most critical to the medical and regulatory writing process.   

Demonstrated time savings have provided sponsors up to one-third (33 percent) of time back in the quality process, with efficiencies across several roles.  

Additional key benefits of Automatiqc™ include: 

  • Removes the burden of style and formatting from the regulatory or medical writer, saving time for critical data elements  
  • Built-in set of rules that can be customized to meet any internal company or external audience document style requirements 
  • Compounding efficiencies with document amendments, improving the quality of documents and elimination of the review and QC steps in subsequent drafts or document amendments 
  • Complementary and compatible with other tools including PleaseReview, Veeva RIM, and many others 
  • Easy output provided in tracked changes for greater visibility to the writer  

With this innovative medical writing technology, Automatiqc users are now able to focus where they can bring the greatest value – to the science of Medical & Regulatory Writing 

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Medical writing experts discuss recent technological advancements, writing efficiencies, and a top-to-bottom integration approach across key stakeholders to produce high-quality CSRs that are FDA/EMA submission- and clinical trial disclosure-ready.

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