Charlie Taylor, PhD

Dr. Charles Taylor is a leader in drug development with experience as a consultant concentrating in pharmacology, neuroscience, and product litigation in large pharmaceutical and startup companies.

 Charlie Taylor, PhD Prior to MMS, Dr. Taylor worked at Pfizer, formerly with Parke-Davis, for more than 25 years. There, he supervised and managed a laboratory of scientists involved in early stages of drug discovery in fields that included neurological diseases, epilepsy, neuropathic pain, stroke, anxiety, sleep disorders, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

At Pfizer, Dr. Taylor coordinated research efforts and peer-reviewed publications from Pfizer research sites and outside labs directed toward pharmacology and mechanisms of action of gabapentin and pregabalin, summarized pharmacology for FDA approval and for estimation of clinical dosages, and responded to pharmacology queries from US and EU regulatory agencies. Additionally, he compiled and interpreted safety pharmacology studies with drug candidates, designed and managed studies of drug mechanism of action (in vitro and in vivo methods), collaborated with ADME / pharmacokinetic scientists (e.g. pharmacological activity of drug metabolites; determined safety ratios; determined cardiac safety, etc.), and led collaborative project teams (pharmacologists, chemists, ADME, toxicologists) to discover new drug candidates.

An invited speaker at workshop and conferences, Dr. Charlie Taylor holds a Ph.D. in Neurobiology from the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Arts in Zoology from the University of Texas.

If you’re interested in working with Dr. Taylor or other members of our SAB board, check out MMS Project Advisory Services.

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