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With Datacise, data has never been easier to visualize 

Real-World Clinical Data Visualization tool

Datacise is an innovative, cloud-based technology platform, with the ability to aggregate and mine data to provide real-time insights for our Sponsors. With this secure, scalable data science platform, Datacise allows Sponsors to immediately analyze and visualize clinical dataReal-World Data (RWD) and data from other data sources through three advanced applicationsCurate, Analyze, and Explore.  

All applications in the Datacise suite are fully-integrated with the ability to use together or as stand-alone applications.

Datacise CURATE

Datacise CURATE is a flexible cloud application for the collection and aggregation of clinical data through a variety of data mapping or abstraction methods. This scalable platform can simplify the extract, load, transform (ETL) process and easily ingest structured and unstructured data from just about any source.   

Typical Sponsor use cases for Datacise CURATE include: 

  • Extract and abstract structured and unstructured data via API or other methods 
  • Build databases, including data lakes, data warehouses, and other advanced data storage structures (i.e. network graphs) 
  • Utilize external ontologies, including WHO Drug, MedDRA, CDISC controlled terminology, and other custom dictionaries  
  • Perform data and image processing in preparation for further analysis or anonymization (DICOM images) 
Datacise EXPLORE
Datacise EXPLORE provides integrated data visualizations and dashboards to support analysis, review, and ultimately speed decision-making. This includes automated data extraction via application programming interfaces (APIs), providing direct access to a wide variety of integrated data and automated file transfers of SAS datasets and other file typesData refreshes may be scheduled on a regular basis, and users can select between one of the numerous standard, pre-built dashboards or custom data visualizations, depending on need. 

Typical Sponsor use cases for Datacise EXPLORE include: 

  • DSMB and Adjudication meetings including dashboards to augment static tables and listings 
  • Patient profiles to aid in ongoing safety reviews and assessments 
  • Dashboards for medical device and wearables data 
  • In-process data reviews by clinical teams or data managers to ensure data accuracyA tool used in the application of riskbased monitoring (RBM) strategies 
  • Safety surveillance signal detection, using social media and regulatory data sources (i.e. FAERS)  
Datacise ANALYZE
Datacise ANALYZE supports advanced analytical needs for RWD and other data. This includes support of machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and network graphs. Several state-of-the art data science programming languages are utilized to analyze data, including Python, R, and Julia, among others. ANALYZE is fully integrated with other Datacise applications. Data presentations may include advanced visualization features of R Shiny and JavaScript libraries for data-driven documents. 

Typical Sponsor use cases for Datacise Explore include:

  • Produce simulations and scenario planning 
  • Perform trend identification across disparate data, including a focus on subsets (cluster analyses) 
  • Analyze data from unstructured sources, using ML and NLP 
  • Ability to utilize high-performance computing as necessary for analysis 


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