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What is the hiring process like at MMS?

MMS is an equal opportunity employer. For all open positions, we review all applicant information in detail. Our Talent Acquisition Team identifies the closest match for the position available. Initially we may conduct phone interviews followed by virtual and/or in-person interviews depending on various factors. If you would like further information on this process, please reach out to careers@mmsholdings.com and we will get back to you shortly.

What happens after I submit my CV/ resume?

Your information will be sent to our experienced Talent Acquisition Team, who will review your credentials. If your background is a fit for any of the open positions at MMS and its associated brands, one of our team members will reach out to you for more information.

I sent my application online and want to apply for a second job. Do I need to send in another application?

We receive many applications and each is specific to that single job posting for its hiring manager. If you are interested in applying for a second position, please submit your application again for that position. In many cases we do evaluate candidates against all open roles, given the diversity of our global opportunities.

What if I’ve applied before and didn’t get hired – can I re-apply?

We would love the opportunity to talk to you again! Because our job opportunities are always changing, it is important to keep your CV updated with any changes to your experience and education. Feel free to re-apply every six months. 

I am still a student – can I apply for positions?

Absolutely! We would love to hear about your career interests and discuss your background. Our team may reach out to speak with you about applying for a position, or potentially joining for an internship. We may also hold onto your resume until you are closer to your graduation date, and reach out to you at that time. If you don’t hear back right away, don’t be discouraged – we’re always getting new opportunities to open new roles! 

What if I have a technical problem submitting my CV/ resume?

Feel free to email your CV as an attachment to careers@mmsholdings.com. 

How do I refer a friend if I see a position well-suited for him or her?

Please reach out via email to careers@mmsholdings.com with the CV, or you can ask them to submit their information for the role directly through our website. As a referral, the candidate can add a note in their application that they heard about MMS from you specifically. 

Do you have any part-time openings?

We usually do not hire part-time, but depending on the position-type and the circumstances, certain accommodations may be made. Additionally, we welcome the opportunity to work with independent consultants!

Can I work remotely, or will I work out of your offices?

Most positions are eligible for remote work opportunities with our flexible Work Location Program. Ask our Talent Acquisition Team about these opportunities when they reach out!

What does a typical career path look like at MMS?

Upward mobility is plentiful, that’s why it’s so great to work with us. We have an excellent training and mentoring program and support your goals at every stage of your career. Do you want to move to a different part of the company? Do you want to lead projects? Manage people? We will work with you to understand your goals and then help make a plan to accomplish them. Our clearly-defined career ladder, which is accompanied with the skills, competencies, and requirements for each level and role in our global organization is available to all colleagues. In our Performance Management System, colleagues can build out their career vision and our line managers are trained on how to help colleagues reach their goals. During our semi-annual performance review process, we have the opportunity to move people through their career journey with us.

What types of pre-employment checks do you do?

Our clients are pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, so depending on local laws and locations, we may conduct education verification, reference checks, criminal background, drug screen, and FDA checks prior to a formal offer of employment, with your consent.

Does MMS pay for relocation?

Certain positions are eligible for relocation assistance, although most of our roles can be remote opportunities. Your local HR Representative will be able to assist you with any questions about this at the time of interview.

I am a recruiting firm consultant interested in partnering with MMS. Is there a contact person for more information?

MMS has a preferred supplier list for recruitment agencies and search firms. While we review it periodically, we are not currently considering adding any new suppliers. You can reach out at careers@mmsholdings.com with information on your company and someone from our team will contact you

I cannot find the answer to my question. Who can I contact?

Send us your queries at careers@mmsholdings.com and we will contact you

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