The MMS Culture

MMS has a strong culture of science, innovation, and personal growth. The MMS culture is built on a foundation of respect and working towards common goals.






Top Five Reasons You’ll Love Working at MMS

MMS Holdings Culture

Our Family Atmosphere

We are an organization that operates like a close-knit family. Although we have colleagues located across a variety of time zones, when we reach out to each other it seems like we are talking to friends who we have known for years. On every colleague’s first day, we send a welcome note to the entire company welcoming everyone to introduce themselves to our new team members. Additionally, we partake in various global engagement activities to get to know each other outside of our project work, as well as celebrate colleagues’ life events and work anniversaries to allow our teams to celebrate these moments together. It’s the small things that help us forge relationships, regardless of where we are located.

Our Great Opportunities

We hire colleagues across a large spectrum, some with more than 20 years of experience and others coming right from university. Colleagues are often assigned a mentor to help them learn and grow. This allows experienced colleagues to share their insight and knowledge and teach techniques to our newer teammates. It’s rewarding to see colleagues who started from the Intern or Research Associate level grow into our next leaders. Clearly-paved career paths, which offer both technical and managerial tracks, supplement our Talent Management Process and System so our colleagues can build out their own career vision and our management team can help them achieve it! Additionally, colleagues have opportunities to attend or lead professional training and seminars – the opportunities are endless. Whether you are just starting out, or have many years of focused expertise, MMS has opportunities for your personal and professional development and growth.

MMS Holdings Culture
MMS Holdings Culture

Our Team Environment

As one global team, colleagues from Europe, India, South Africa, and the United States have a unique role to play and deserve the same level of respect as any other colleague, irrespective of the function or level in the organization. While we expect high performance from our team, we practice the Golden Rule – treating people as we would like to be treated. At MMS, we encourage our team members to take risks and go beyond their comfort zones, while remaining accountable for their work. At the beginning and the mid-point of each year, our Executive Leadership team holds a Year Beginning Meeting and Mid-Year Meeting, respectively, where we collectively review goals, share success stories, and discuss innovation and growth plans. Each team member plays an active role in the goal-setting process, and in between those touchpoints, every one of our 800+ colleagues globally meets monthly for our SOUL (Sense of Urgency & Leadership) sessions where we discuss current plans, recognize the team, and share important learnings.

Our Company Events

We host a wide variety of company events throughout the year, virtually and over four continents. Our people leadership hosts quarterly global engagement activities for #OneMMS colleagues across the globe, and throughout the year, local teams host various team building and volunteer events both in-person and online. Annually, our Center of Excellence & Innovation (COE) hosts our Global Champions of Change (G3C) Innovation Competition. This event gives every colleague a chance to share their best ideas to enhance services, processes, technology, and offerings with the entire company. Additionally, MMS hosts our Annual Scientific Symposium that provides our talented team and outside speakers to come to our offices for a full day of thought-provoking presentations, panel sessions, and team building.

MMS Holdings Culture
MMS Holdings Culture

Our Training

Continuous learning is a core strength of MMS! With our Learning Management System, we spend less time worrying about training records and more time focusing on actual personal development. We have training administrators dedicated to ensuring that every module is up-to-date and relevant for the work that you do. Training is done not only at the time of hire, but throughout the year and consistently throughout your career path here. Training includes a mix of self-learning modules and live classroom sessions. Additionally, we’ve partnered with leading training organizations to help us deliver the most up-to-date leadership development and professional programs. We promote continual learning by encouraging participation in colleague-led Book Clubs based on a variety of topics, including science-focused, service line appropriate, tech forward, and leadership learning books, among others. Colleagues with a tenure of expertise in certain areas gain the opportunity to showcase what their knowledge throughing custom-created courses, and all colleagues have the potential to take virtual learning continuing education modules through MMS Academy.

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