Global Leaders

Audelia Munguia
Senior Director, Safety Risk Management

Audelia Munguia has over 20 years of clinical writing and research experience in the health and research industries, specializing in regulatory submission documents, safety documents, and special safety topics.

Audelia MunguiaAudelia Munguia, as Senior Director, Safety Risk Management. Dr. Munguia leads the global drug safety and pharmacovigilance department producing high quality deliverables, ensuring best practices are in place and exceeding client’s expectations. She manages teams with an expertise in related analytical and visual technologies, including ARGUS, PVantange, and Datacise. In addition, she oversees a team of leaders that support specialized safety requests and pipeline support under a variety of models, including FSP partnerships.

Dr. Munguia holds a Ph.D. in Immunology and Microbiology from the Wayne State University School of Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Grand Valley State University.