Global Leaders

Kelly Vaillant,
Center of Excellence and Innovation

Kelly Vaillant, Senior Director of the Center of Excellence and Innovation at MMS, ensures the organization’s focus on delivering exceptional tech-enabled services and solutions that include industry best practices concerning Knowledge Management and performance measurement.   

Kelly VaillantKelly Vaillant has over twenty years of data strategy experience, including product development within the pharma and healthcare industries, Kelly is well-positioned to advise our internal teams and clients on business strategies that will meet the pressures of today and the needs of tomorrow.

Kelly’s focus is to strengthen MMS tech-enabled services through formal Service Management and maturity methodology within this innovation role. In addition, the Center of Excellence extends to provide customer-facing solutions as well, including specialized consultation and advisory services that allow our customers to transform the way they work. Our CoE addresses the needs of the biotech and pharma industries to improve productivity through the modernization of processes, including the implementation of technologies and adoption of digital transformations. Kelly’s expertise in knowledge management, data transparency and data sharing has helped our sponsors meet evolving regulations and leverage data coming from various channels and growing data ecosystems. 

Kelly was previously the Global Head of Clinical Trial Disclosure and Transparency at Gilead Sciences and held leadership positions at Novartis, Amgen, and Pharmacia. Additionally, he holds a BSc from the University of Alberta with a specialization in Neuropsychology.