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Expert Insights webinars, presented by MMS

The Expert Insights webinar series offers free learning opportunities on current trends, high-value topics, and complex initiatives in the evolving pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Current and archived webinars are available as follows:


Evolving Your FSP Relationships to Achieve the Maximum Return (April 21)

The drug development lifecycle can be predictably unpredictable, as mergers and acquisitions, interim results, DSMB decisions, reorganization, and evolving technology can all change the course of any plan in short order. Sponsors rely on the ability of Clinical Research Organization (CRO) partners to provide scalability and global reach in support of their core teams. FSP relationships however, can go beyond the ability to quickly ramp up and down. Explore with us, as we discuss how Sponsors who leverage FSP partners across multiple interdependent functional lines achieve the maximum benefit and the increasing importance of the way that new innovations and technology continue to change the way we work and the future skill sets needed.

In this Expert Insights webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How to achieve maximum benefit from FSP relationships
  • The need for diversification in the vendor portfolio
  • The potential for nimble adaptation and growth in long-term FSP partnerships
  • Possibilities for investing and growing together with your FSP partner
  • Implications and potential solutions for IR35 compliance


Donnelle LaDouceur, Director of Functional Service Solutions

Liz Valley-Burr, Manager of Project and Account Management

Alan Nicolle, Senior Director of European & South Africa Operations

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in the IND and CTA Submission Process (May 18)

When planning an Investigational New Drug (IND) or Clinical Trial Authorization (CTA) submissionnavigating FDA, EMA, and other regulations can be challenging and creating scientifically-sound strategies are essentialAs submissions expand to multiple countries during later phase trials, greater challenges can arise if not prepared with knowledge of the requirements, proper time management, and defined roles for the team towards approval. Join us as experts in project management, medical writing, and regulatory operations discuss best practices for a successful submission process from start to finish.  

In this Expert Insights webinar, attendees will learn 

  • Efficiencies for multi-country submissions 
  • Essential steps in pre-submission planning 
  • Timeline management and potential pitfalls 
  • How to define roles and responsibilities to avoid delays or confusion 
  • Structure and content of the submissions at various stages of development 
  • Navigating the countryspecific regulatory requirements 
  • Post-submission maintenance and responsibilities 


Jessica Reed, PhD, Senior ManagerProject and Account Management  

Nicole Northrop, PhD, Manager, Regulatory and Medical Writing 

Allison Ward, MSA, MSEd, Senior Manager, Regulatory Operations 

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