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Tips and tools for writing effective plain language summaries (Nov. 18)

Date: November 18, 2020; 2:00 pm ET (11:00 am PT)


The EU Clinical Trials Regulation 536/2014 (Article 37) requires that sponsors provide summary results of clinical trials conducted in the European Union in a format understandable to laypersons, at a 6th- to 8th-grade reading level. Writing for patients and the general public is vastly different from writing for regulatory authorities or clinicians, and it requires medical communicators to develop and hone a unique skillset to write lay summaries effectively and efficiently. This webinar provides an overview of plain language summaries, highlights the 10 key elements comprising these summaries, describes the core competencies for writing these documents, and discusses the challenges medical communicators face in writing these summaries. Learn tips and tools for writing a non-promotional and succinct document that can be used and easily understood by the target audience.

Attendees will understand:

  • Key data elements required in a plain language summary
  • The target audience for a plain language summary
  • Tips and tools to write summaries that can be easily understood by patients and other members of the general public


Kasim McLain, Manager of Transparency

Michelle Reed, PhD, Medical Writer

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