Navigating the EU Clinical Trials Regulation:

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Introduction to the EU Clinical Trials Regulation

The EU Clinical Trials Regulation was introduced to transform the clinical trial landscape by:

  • Streamlining the clinical trial application process with National Competent Authorities and Ethics Committees.
  • Boosting transparency and data accessibility in clinical trials.

    Why Pharma Companies Should Be Proactive

    If you’re a pharmaceutical company, consider the following:

    • Regulatory Compliance: Complying with the new regulation isn’t merely a legal necessity; it’s a proactive step toward streamlining processes and enhancing patient safety.
    • Transparency as a Trust Builder: A commitment to transparency means your stakeholders, patients, and partners can trust your trials more.
    • Operational Excellence: A unified application process cuts down on administrative challenges, making trial approvals smoother and quicker.

        How MMS Assists You in Navigating the EU Clinical Trials Regulation

        Why Choose MMS?

        • Established Expertise: As a data-focused CRO, MMS leads the way in regulatory submissions, with an impressive 97% customer satisfaction rate.
        • Holistic Approach: Our team, made up of SMEs from Regulatory Strategy to Transparency, ensures you receive a comprehensive suite of services.

        Dive Into Our Core Services:

        MMS Regulatory Affairs

        • Strategic Consulting and Direct Regulatory Communication
        • Coordinating submissions in tandem with your clinical or regulatory groups
        • Consolidating data entry and uploads to CTIS, leveraging our CTIS tracker as a reliable reference for all updates
        • Efficient portal monitoring and document management


        MMS Clinical Trial Transparency

        • A seasoned team adept at PPD and CCI redactions
        • Orchestrating reviews with your clinical, regulatory, and legal entities
        • PoCs skilled at guiding, facilitating, and pinpointing reasons for CCI
        • Crafting consistent dossiers reusable for other disclosure needs like, HC-PRCI, and EMA Policy 0070 submissions
        • Comprehensive Dossier Disclosure Support


        MMS Regulatory and Medical Writing

        • Skilled writers utilize lean authoring techniques and practices in line with CTR
        • GAP analysis and refining your templates for portal compatibility
        • Precision authoring to limit the reliance on PPD and CCI

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        About MMS Holdings

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        Let MMS Guide You Through the Complexities of the EU Clinical Trials Regulation.

        Reach out to our Experts  to discover how MMS can streamline your clinical trial submission and guarantee adherence to the latest EU Clinical Trials Regulation. We’re eager to collaborate and support your quest for triumphant clinical trials.

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