For all of our positions, we start out with reviewing the profiles of all candidates who have applied as we are an equal opportunity employer. From there, our Recruitment Team will identify the applicants who are the closest match to the position we are looking to fill. Our team will reach out to those applicants to set up a phone interview. From there, the process will depend on the level of the position, the location of the position, and the employment type how the process will progress. If you would like further information on this process, please reach out to info@mmsholdings.com and someone will get back to you.  

Your information will be sent to our experienced Recruitment Team, who will review your credentials. If your background is a fit for any of the open positions we have at MMS, one of our Recruitment Team members will reach out to you for more information, or to set up an initial phone interview. 

You may apply again for another position, but when you apply for any position, we do also look at your background and skills to see where you may be the best fit within MMS.

We’d love the opportunity to talk to you again! Because our job opportunities are always changing, it’s important to keep your CV/ resume updated with any changes to your experience and education. Feel free to re-apply every six months.

Absolutely! We would love to hear your career interests and see your background. From there, our team may reach out to set up time for you to talk to our team about how to go about applying for a position, or potentially being an intern. We may also hold onto your resume until you are closer to your graduation date, and then reach out to you at that time. If you don’t hear back right away don’t be discouraged. 

You can reach out to careers@mmsholdings.com with the CV/resume of your friend, or you can direct them to our website directly and they can put in the notes that they heard about MMS from you.

We usually do not hire part-time, but depending on the position-type and the circumstances, certain accommodations can be made.  We do also welcome the opportunity to work with independent consultants. 

Depending on the position, and each unique situation, accommodations will be made.

Upward mobility is plentiful, that’s why it’s so great to work with us. Our training and mentoring, from day one, is outstanding and, we support your goals completely. Do you want to move to a different part of the company? Do you want to lead projects? Manage people? We will work with you to understand your goals and then help to make a plan to help you accomplish them. There’s no limit for your ambition.

Because many of our clients are large pharma and biotech companies, we’ll conduct criminal background, drug screen, reference, and FDA check prior to a formal offer of employment, with your consent, of course.

We sometimes provide assistance for some of our new team members to relocate. Eligibility is determined case-by-case, so don’t hesitate to ask your Recruiter if you qualify for relocation assistance.

Our benefits package goes into effect on the first of the month following your hire date.

You can reach out to info@mmsholdings.com and someone will get back to you.

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