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MMS provides end-to-end transparency services supported by our experts with experience in transparency laws, regulations, and industry requirements. Trust MMS to alleviate the day-to-day activity burden of transparency by facilitating cross-functional engagement, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance, and enabling responsible data sharing while maintaining patient privacy and the protection of company proprietary information.

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MMS helps Sponsors achieve and surpass clinical trial disclosures reporting requirements for, the European Union Clinical Trials Register (EU-CTR), EU Clinical Trial Information System (EU-CTIS), and other international registries. Our robust services, processes, and tools allow MMS to be your centralized transparency department with the ability to manage all workflow and clinical data reporting obligations for an entire pipeline.

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MMS Manages Entire Pipeline of Transparency & Trial Disclosures

 Clinical Trial Transparency and Clinical Trial Disclosure ServicesLearn how MMS managed transparency and trial disclosure responsibilities globally for a mid-sized pharma company’s entire clinical pipeline and marketed product portfolio.

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MMS is an innovator of risk-based clinical trial document anonymization, with industry thought leadership and the use of advanced tools to achieve both efficiency and quality in every deliverable. Internal anonymization processes and tools are designed to maximize data utility and protect patient privacy at the same time.

MMS’ risk-based dataset anonymization approach protects patient privacy and maximizes the data utility by keeping the risk below our predetermined threshold. Our process is proven to produce high-quality anonymized datasets with less manual effort. The anonymization of each variable is driven by a standard rule set that can be reused across multiple studies. Our rule-building technology allows us to switch rules based on the personal information in each variable. Our tool can anonymize individual patient level data in different data sources, including SAS transport files, SAS7BDAT, Excel, and CSV.

As an industry leader in the creation of lay summaries, MMS develops programs for sponsors to meet and exceed future regulations. With a team of dedicated lay summary writers, graphic designers, lay reviewers, and project managers, the specialists at MMS are singularly focused on ensuring the success of every lay summary created.

Our global team enables quick mobilization, 24-hour support, and the ability to scale our services to meet your needs.

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