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Why COVID-19 testing devices require a high level of specificity

By Patrick Hannon, et al, July 10, 2020
In order to better understand the data being reported from the COVID-19 public health emergency that has gripped the world in recent months, it is helpful to understand the mathematical and statistical considerations of binary classification tests. These include COVID-19 antigen tests (patient has the active pathogen in their body) and COVID-19 anti-body tests (patient has been exposed and has mounted an immune response).

Pharmaceutical Industry News Roundup: May 2020

Each month, MMS shares key stories on the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry. Here is a selection from May, including: FDA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update, 2019 Avoca State of the Industry Report, PHUSE clinical trial transparency project, and more.

With Safety, Urgency, and Innovation: How an Award-Winning CRO Operates During COVID-19

By Staff Writer, April 28, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way many pharmaceutical, biotech, and CRO companies are working, rewarding flexibility and agile resourcing and operating models. In this expert insights blog, we sit down (virtually) with Kelly J. Hill, Executive Director, Global Business Operations and Strategy and Michelle Gayari, Executive Director, Global Operations to learn how MMS operates with safety, urgency, and innovation during this pandemic.

Whitepaper: Six Changes that Pharmaceutical Companies Should Consider in Response to COVID-19

Experts at MMS have reviewed COVID-19 guidance documents and taken into account the current state of clinical research globally to ensure our services align with these new challenges, whether those sponsors be virtual or large firms with treatments for common illnesses or rare conditions. What has been identified in this whitepaper are key areas of change faced by the industry.

Unprecedented does not have to mean unprepared: Business Continuity Planning

by Jessica Alamdari, April 3, 2020
During these unprecedented times, many businesses are struggling to continue business as usual while the world is rapidly changing around them; however, certain businesses continue to thrive. Throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, companies like MMS, among other leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, are not only carrying out typical day-to-day business operations, but they are well-positioned to offer additional support to companies unable to adapt.


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