Working with MMS

MMS is redefining the CRO experience

Sponsors that demand high quality come to MMS for strong industry expertise, a scientific approach to drug development, and top talent.

From industry-firsts to well-researched indications, MMS global colleagues possess a depth and breadth of therapeutic area expertise that is unmatched in the industry.


Working with MMS



Data Acceleration Model

The Data Acceleration Model is a strategic outsourcing model that allows for an end-to-end, integrated solution with a targeted selection of best-in-class clinical operations and data partners. MMS can provide the right scientists and data and regulatory focused experts to meet a sponsor’s goals, with core functions that include data management, drug safety, biostatistics and programming, regulatory strategy and operations, medical and regulatory writing, and quality assurance. Additionally, the model is designed to provide the sponsor with flexibility where it is most needed, including the use of specialized or regional clinical operations experts who can reach the patient populations of interest, MMS is skilled at partnering with numerous clinical CROs, allowing sponsors to select specialized experts while simultaneously reducing vendor oversight to meet aggressive recruitment targets.

An advantage to using this model includes centralizing the clinical trial, safety, and regulatory data, and ensuring this is not only available to sponsors but accessible to prepare aggregate reports, provide outputs to inform the development program, or to prepare for funding, shareholders, industry meetings or publications. The MMS Data Acceleration Model brings strengths to development programs by enabling earlier decisions and a quicker path to approvals.

Functional Service Provider (FSP) Model

Beginning a functional service provider (FSP) relationship with MMS is a smart, strategic investment in the health of your drug development pipeline. From the onset, MMS colleagues work with a sense of urgency and leadership – meaning they perform efficiently and provide proactive guidance on best practices and navigating regulations. In any FSP relationship, experience and consistency matter the most. MMS prides itself on having one of the highest retention rates among global CROs, at a level that exceeds 96 percent.

In today’s changing environment, sponsors are constantly looking for ways to reduce time and cost without risking data quality. An FSP Model in any of the MMS core service areas allows sponsors to take control of their deliverables, creating a true partnership.

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Project Management & Trial Planning
Central to the success of any project is an experienced MMS project manager (PM) to lead the team. Clear communications between the sponsor and MMS is essential. The PMs and project leads at MMS are skilled communicators, ensuring clarity of scope, timelines, and responsibilities at the onset of every project. Throughout the planning and conduct of any project, sponsors see a results-oriented and proactive approach that ensures project timelines are met and quality is maintained.

Each MMS team member acts with a Sense of Urgency and Leadership (SOUL), looking to ensure risks are identified early, appropriate preventative actions are taken, and when issues arise, they are addressed quickly. MMS keeps the big picture in mind, understanding that each clinical trial, dataset, or report delivered fits in the context of a larger development program and set of organizational goals.

The processes in place at MMS are continually refined, including reviewing MMS internal processes alongside a sponsor or partner’s organizational processes, to identify ways to streamline service delivery and reduce the time for project completion. Recent recommendations have resulted in significant enhancements, the removal of redundancies, and a reduced need for sponsor oversight activities. The MMS quality management system adheres to strict ISO standards, requiring independent audits and certifications annually. MMS understands the value of these strong processes, peer reviews, and quality checks and the immense value this brings to sponsors.

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Adaptive Parallel Processing™

For each project we undertake, the internal MMS team collaborates using Adaptive Parallel Processing™, a unique, trademarked system that allows flexibility, subject-matter expertise, process optimization, and risk planning for the project to ensure on-time delivery and added value to each client. The APP program sources trained colleagues from around the globe to determine who has windows of availability – no matter how small – at any given time.

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