Second Annual Global Champions of Change Competition Winner

MMS has just concluded its second annual Global Champions of Change Competition (G3C), where colleagues from all MMS regions submitted innovative ideas based on our tradition of providing high-quality, efficient services to our clients to help discover and market life-changing medicines to patients around the world.  

Innovation is not new to MMS, we have designed our culture from the beginning to constantly strive for new and better ways to produce quality with efficiency. The G3C competition was created two years ago as a formal way to spark the sharing of innovative ideas from colleagues throughout the entire organization in a competitive but fun environment.  

This year’s G3C winner is Amanda Beaster, Senior Manager of Regulatory Strategy, for her submission of a tool to address labeling deficiencies in the pharmaceutical industry.  

The second-place winners are Audelia Munguia, Director of Safety Risk Management; Susan Mitcheson, Senior Safety Writer; Jeff Wiese, Technical Manager of Safety Writing; and Katrina O’Connor, Senior Medical Writer, for their submission aimed to enhance efficiencies and quality in aggregate reports.  

Thirty-one teams entered this year’s competition, and five teams were chosen to proceed to the final presentation round, with our global colleagues voting for the winner. All 31 entries are evaluated and considered for future implementation.  

Other submissions included ideas that included automation, improving processes, data visualization, supporting rare diseases, improving quality, and concepts relating to MMS technologies such as our TrialAssure Transparency SuiteDatacise and SmartStart Tech-Enabled Templates 

MMS believes that innovation comes directly from our colleagues at every level of the organization because those working in our services lines daily see the best opportunities for improvement, and are encouraged to bring those ideas forward. That’s why we often say that “innovation is a company sport”. The G3C competition is not the only time our colleagues can bring innovative ideas forward, and MMS colleagues are encouraged to submit their ideas for improvement throughout the year.   

We are so proud of our colleagues and the effort, energy, and excitement they exhibited during this competition and through their work on a daily basis.  

By Jim Balcom, Director of Partnerships and IT Governance 


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