University of Michigan School of Information Invites MMS Holdings Executive Kelly J. Hill to Join External Advisory Board

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Kelly J. Hill

CANTON, Mich. (May 19, 2020) – MMS Holdings Inc. (MMS) – an award-winning, data-focused CRO – announced today that its Executive Director of Global Business Operations and Strategy Kelly J. Hill has accepted an invitation to join the University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI) External Advisory Board (EAB).

Serving on a three-year term, Hill will join a group of internationally-recognized experts who consult with the UMSI Dean on a wide range of strategic topics, including research initiatives, curriculum innovation, and social impact. Members are considered carefully and invitations are reserved for those who meet the high standards of the University.

“USMI’s vision is to deliver innovative, elegant and ethical solutions connecting people, information and technology, and Kelly Hill deeply understands that,” says Dr. Thomas A. Finholt, Dean and Professor of Information, UMSI. “When there is a need for world-changing information discoveries, we will be there. Our board members, like Kelly, are essential in accomplishing this vision.”

A University of Michigan alumna with a Master’s of Science in Clinical Research and Statistics, Hill currently leads global strategic business functions at MMS that include project and account management, business development, and marketing. With MMS executive leaders, she is spearheading digital transformation initiatives to meet the needs of those in the health science and pharmaceutical industries.

Additionally, she is a founding member of the Health Analytics Collective – a research supergroup led by MMS, the Center for Translational Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, MIT, and Julia Computing. The group’s aim is to leverage real-world evidence, observational data that are generated during routine clinical practice, and patient health care databases to enhance decision-making, thus speeding the drug discovery and development process.

“The healthcare and related industries are in an era of discovery and rapid change in terms of how data and information is gathered, aggregated, analyzed, shared, and used to inform, and MMS is on the forefront of this in partnership with our pharma and research clients,” says Kelly J. Hill, Executive Director of Global Business Operations and Strategy, MMS. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join the UMSI external advisory board and this esteemed group of educators and information and technology innovators.”

View the profiles all EAB members, including those from Intel, J.P. Morgan, Smithsonian, Pitney Bowes, Nextdoor, Disney, and others, here:


About MMS

MMS is an award-winning, data-focused CRO that supports the pharmaceutical and biotech industries with a proven, scientific approach to complex trial data and regulatory submission challenges. Strong industry experience and a data-driven approach to drug development make MMS a valuable CRO partner, creating compelling submissions that meet rigorous regulatory standards. With a global footprint across four continents, MMS maintains a 97 percent customer satisfaction rating, and the company has been recognized as a leading CRO in Global Health & Pharma’s international awards programs for three consecutive years. For more information, visit or follow MMS on LinkedIn.

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